Hello there and welcome to my simblr! I create content for The Sims 3, everything from houses and community lots to clothes and mods, and I intend to use this blog as a place to post pictures of my various projects and uploads. In addition, I love writing stories for the game, and once in a while I will share updates from my legacy here as well.

I worked too hard on this lot not to show it to someone, so here you go. Driftwood Manor, no shoes, no shirt, no problem. :D

Built right across the street from the ocean, I made this house specifically for my marine biologist sim. Well, in truth he’s more of an angler with an affinity for bumming around on the beach all day, but I like to think that he’s actually studying the fish specimens he catches. Or something like that. Anyway, I was going to upload it, but I used too much store content and I don’t feel like stripping it down right now. If anyone wants it though, send me an ask or leave me a comment and I can put it up.

Now off to think about the fate of my random legacy some more…

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