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Hello there and welcome to my simblr! Some of you may know me from around the community as Buckley, but feel free to call me by my real name, Colleen, instead. I create content for The Sims 3, everything from houses and community lots to new clothing meshes and accessories, and I intend to use this blog as a place to post pictures of my various projects and uploads. In addition, I love writing stories for the game, and once in a while I will share updates from my legacy here as well.

This blog is strictly for sims content, and any exceptions will be tagged “non-sims” for easy blocking. Also, I track the tag “buckleysims”.


Plenty of recolours done- a few more to do, and a final district still to work on!

A quick question for anyone who can answer: Does anyone know where the texture files for the flying bird effects are stored?

Wow, beautiful! It’s looking amazing. <3 I think the effect texture files are in the DeltaBuild2.package in the program files (Electronics Arts\The Sims 3\GameData\Shared\Packages). However, I’m not 100% sure.

I wanted to let you know I am really enjoying your Seven Stages Legacy and look forward to seeing where it goes. I also wanted to ask if your “La Shove Beach" makeover is uploaded anywhere? I just think its amazing! (I am a little obsessed with Moonlight Falls) Happy Simming! -Christine

Aww, thank you so much! =D I hope you don’t mind that I’m publishing this, but I thought it was really sweet and I want to save it to look at later when I need inspiration/motivation. <3

As for the La Shove Beach lot, I’d be happy to upload my version, but I was also considering sharing my makeovers of Eerie Park (Moonlight Falls’ town square) and the Commonwealth Court (the big rabbit hole building across the street). However, if I do that, I’d want to include a redo of the Playful Playground (the community lot directly behind the big park in the center of Moonlight Falls), but I haven’t figured out what to do with it yet. If you (or anyone else) has a suggestion, I’d be happy to hear it! =D

Anyway, yes, I’ll try to upload it soon. =) Thanks again, and happy simming to you too!

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This may sound stupid, but do Appaloosa plains have Pet Shop?


Not stupid at all! =) Appaloosa Plains does not ship with one, but if you bought and registered the limited edition Pets expansion pack you will get EA’s pet store. Once you download and install it, the store will be in your community lots bin in edit town mode. I think it’s called Graham’s Pet Swap Shop or something, and there is an empty lot in downtown Appaloosa Plains that is the right size for it. Or you can always download one from the exchange or wherever, but you’ll still need the limited edition content if you want the cash register to function like a proper pet store. =)

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S-Club’s 3-D eyelashes look awesome, except when you have a hairstyle that overlaps the eyes and the lashes bleed through the mesh. My fix corrects this issue by changing the layering priority of the lashes in each texture’s CASP.

You will still need S-Club’s eyelash meshes and designs, found here. I only altered the CASP files, so to use this either A) delete S-Club’s original eyelash packages (but ONLY the ones with the word “casp” in the title) and replace them with my fixes or B) place my fixes in your overrides folder. I decided to keep the original names of each package essentially the same so you can easily tell which of them to use, but I fixed both design set 3A and design set 3B. I don’t use the earlier sets in my game, so I don’t know if they have the same issue, but I can correct the layering on those too if anyone wants them. =)

Download S-Club Eyelash Design 3A CASP Fix HERE.

Download S-Club Eyelash Design 3B CASP Fix HERE.

I hope that wasn’t too confusing, but if you need any more help please let me know! Also, if you’re still not sure what this does, click the pictures to blow up the image and check out her left eye. :) It’s kind of hard to see on these smaller screenshots, but the clipping drives me crazy! XD

Credits: S-Club for the amazing eyelashes and Peter and Inge Jones for S3PE. <3

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I love those 3-D eyelashes from S-Club, but I hate how they bleed through hair that overlap the eyes. I never bothered trying to fix it before, but then this morning while I was working on something completely unrelated I had one of those AHA! moments and knew exactly what the issue was. =D
I know it&#8217;s just a small thing, and I&#8217;m not sure if anyone else even notices it, but would y&#8217;all like to me to upload my fix? If no one will use it, then I won&#8217;t bother, but it really did irritate me, and if anyone else would like the properly layered version then I&#8217;d be happy to share it. =) Well, let me know!

I love those 3-D eyelashes from S-Club, but I hate how they bleed through hair that overlap the eyes. I never bothered trying to fix it before, but then this morning while I was working on something completely unrelated I had one of those AHA! moments and knew exactly what the issue was. =D

I know it’s just a small thing, and I’m not sure if anyone else even notices it, but would y’all like to me to upload my fix? If no one will use it, then I won’t bother, but it really did irritate me, and if anyone else would like the properly layered version then I’d be happy to share it. =) Well, let me know!


Yay? (And for the record, on the &#8220;What kind of beverage are you?&#8221; question, I answered &#8220;I&#8217;m a seething cauldron of rage.&#8221; So much for that. &gt;.&lt;)

Yay? (And for the record, on the “What kind of beverage are you?” question, I answered “I’m a seething cauldron of rage.” So much for that. >.<)

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Riverview’s pet store and coffeehouse, continued. I really love wall clutter, haha.

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A pet store and coffeehouse I made for Old Town in Riverview (what I’m calling that island neighborhood in the middle). I still need to play test it, but otherwise it’s pretty much done now (finally).

I can’t fit the interior shots in this post, but I’ll upload them in a minute. Y’all probably already know this, but you can click the pictures for a bigger version.

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Today someone told me that all my sims look alike. And… yeah, they pretty much do. Even when I base them off of real people, they tend to end up with similar features. Especially my female sims. *sigh*

But anyway, a no name WIP inspired by Megan Fox. I suffer from crippling indecision when it comes to choosing hairstyles for my sims. =P The struggle. It’s real. XD

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“You can tell a lot about a person from the music they listen to. Put your music device on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that play without skipping. Then claim 10 victims. (Tag 10 people.)”

I was so excited to get tagged for this! =) Thank you hjaxon1701. <3

  1. Dani California  - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  2. Demons - Imagine Dragons
  3. Help! - The Beatles
  4. Never Say Never - The Fray
  5. The Great Escape - P!nk
  6. Elsa and Anna  - Frozen Soundtrack
  7. Breathe In Breathe Out  - Mat Kearney
  8. I’m Yours / Somewhere over the Rainbow - Straight No Chaser
  9. Lovesong - ADELE
  10. What I Know - Parachute

Yes, I’m 24 years old and I still listen to Disney soundtracks. Don’t judge me. XD I tag (but only if y’all want to!): annywayssimblr, blognirarssimsnthings, gigasims, heavensims, hpneedsmorecoffee, kadience, nyshabrokeit, owly-sims, simsl3gacies, spladoum, sunnyssims, and unconstrainedcreations.

That’s more than ten, but oh well. I’m curious what music you guys like! =D

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Fed up with this “ridiculous” date, Stacy gives up first, closely followed by Teyah, Majda, and Maria. After making such a bad impression on Alexander last week, Darya desperately tries to keep going, but once Mack, Céleste, and Briellen drop out she finally caves to her tired, sore legs and quits as well. Anja stops next, leaving just Lori and Chloe in the race, but after ten more grueling minutes Lori can’t take another second on her feet and grudgingly admits defeat.

Fixated on her goal, Chloe barely even notices that she’s won, but as the  realization of her victory slowly sinks in her excitement rapidly disintegrates into outright trepidation. Sure, winning the group date means immunity from elimination this week, but it also entails spending the evening on a private date with Alexander. Alone. Just the two of them. And as she’s barely spoken with him so far, she has no idea what to expect.

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When Alex veers off the road and onto a steep dirt trail, the girls let out a collective moan. Mack in particular seems less than enthused about this whole jogging adventure, and if she weren’t already so out of breath she’d be giving Alexander an earful right about now. Lori, on the other hand, trots along with her usual cheerful, upbeat attitude, humming her favorite song under her breath as she goes.

Finally the path begins to straighten out, but some of the ladies are already feeling the first tinglings of exhaustion set in. However, determined to outlast each other and win that private date, they all stubbornly keep slogging along, certain that the other women will give up and quit any moment now.

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The jog begins smoothly enough as Teyah sets the pace for the rest of the ladies. They follow Alexander for a couple of miles along the deserted gravel roads, panting and sweating under the hot, sticky summer sun. Although it was supposed to be a group date activity, Alex runs at a much quicker speed than the others, and he soon finds himself quite a ways ahead of the pack. Nevertheless, he doesn’t seem to notice the distance between them, and so they spend almost the entire date apart. Still, most of the girls prefer it this way. After all, they really don’t want Alex to see them drenched in sweat and smelling like armpit.

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The girls exchange questioning glances with each other as they gather around outside in their athletic wear. The producers always keep a tight lid on each episode’s activities ahead of time, and so they wait nervously to hear what the group date consists of today.

"I believe that staying in shape and looking good play a huge part in one’s success," Alexander tells the ladies as he walks out in front and turns around to face them. "After all, studies have shown that pretty people tend to lead more successful lives than their less attractive counterparts. So, in order to stay fit and healthy, I began running marathons, and today I would like you all to join me on a jog around Cape Garner. The final woman standing wins a private date with me and immunity from elimination this week."

The ladies groan out loud at his announcement. “But I hate exercise,” Darya whines.

Alex smirks and motions for them to follow him. “Come on!” he calls over his shoulder. “It’ll be fun!”

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Hi! Welcome home. I saw your post looking for ideas. I really love your girls dresses, so I know you would do a brilliant job making some a-line skirts for girls that hit just above and/or just below the knee. There aren't many skirts like that out there, especially ones that are straighter and not poofy or tent-like. Just an thought! Whatever you make will be great :)


Hi nonny! Aww, thank you so much! =D I’m really glad you like those dresses. They took a lot of time and patience, haha.

After I read your message yesterday, I started working on this skirt. What do you think? Is this what you had in mind, or would you prefer something simpler? I can try again if you would like a different length or style or whatever. =)

Well, just let me know, and thanks again for the note! I love suggestions. <3

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